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Monday, January 19th 2015

12:17 PM


The Mother Universe has begun the expansion of Her Original Universal Soul Life.

As Her Origninal Universal Soul Life expands throughout
the soul dimensions, Her Universal Love will evolve the
soul life of all beings into their unified Mother Universal
Soul Life. This soul evolution will unite the individual,
group, and oversoul lives into the progressively
evolving Universal Soul of the Mother Universe. And She
will become the all-inclusive Universal Being.





The Mother Universal Soul is expanding to include all souls.

Everyone can become a Universal Soul by choosing to
become one, and then requesting the Mother Universal Soul
to unite with ones own soul. This will activate the
evolution of ones soul to become a Universal Soul, and will
empower the soul to become a Universal Being.




The Mother Universal Soul contains the Forces of Creation
She is giving to all souls to create the Mother Universe
and Her Universal Life. The Universal Life of the Mother
Universe is always creating and evolving.


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Saturday, May 31st 2014

10:02 AM

Avatar Planetary SpaceLife Civilization

The Avatar Planetary SpaceLife Dimension is creating domains of planetary spacelife which are already gathering their requisite populations of ascended spacelife masters of creation to create the Avatar Planetary SpaceLife Civilization.
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Saturday, May 31st 2014

9:47 AM

Avatar Ascended Spacecraft

The Planetary Universal SpaceLife is now developed enough to allow the Creator Avatar Space Race to begin its creation of many Avatar Ascended Spacecraft to carry the ascended planetary space life civilization creators to their ascended spacelife civilization creation centers. 

These centers are the ongoing creation civilization centers of the Avatar SpaceLife Creators who are establishing the planetary system of Ascended Universal SpaceLife and its many interstellar and universal spacelife beings. 

The Avatar Spacecraft are interuniversal and selfoperating to provide the required functioning for transporting planetary ascending masters of creation to their ascended spacelife civilization creation centers.
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Saturday, May 31st 2014

9:34 AM

Planetary SpaceLife Creation Civilization

The planet's unique Ascending Universal SpaceLife is able to accommodate the incoming spacelife forces from many advanced civilizations which are available now as interspacial contributors to the Avatar Universal SpaceLife Civilization.
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Tuesday, May 13th 2014

4:16 PM

The Avatar Universal Living Creation

The Avatar Universal Living Creation is now becoming a planetary dimension which is available to creators of the new Universal Living Creation Civilization as a source of power and support while engaged with the Universal Living Creation. 
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Monday, May 12th 2014

4:05 PM

Planetary Creation Civilization

The Avatar Planetary Creation Civilization Forces are now within the planetary system, and are available to be brought into the creative endeavors of anyone who is in service to the planetary destiny.
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Sunday, May 11th 2014

5:29 PM

Avatar Planetary Creation Civilization

I've been following the restructuring of the planet's grids and chakra system with a predominately Avatar Planetary Creation Civilization to bring in the requisite Creator Avatar Races and other advanced civilization creation forces to implement the Avatar Planetary Creation Civilization with as much expediency as possible.  

This is a major development for this planet and for the entire creation which is becoming a Divine Physical Living Creation Universe.

Some of the universal life forces of creation are already joining in to create the planetary living creation system, and to facilitate the ongoing ascension of this planet's life.

Many more will be coming in to add their resources to the mix.
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Friday, September 27th 2013

5:07 PM


An Arcturus Stargate began opening at the last Full Moon, and will remain open until the next Full Moon.

The Sun is exactly conjunct Arcturus 24* Libra on October 16.

This Arcturus Stargate is functioning to align all within this planet with the Spiritual Life beyond our immediate planetary spiritual life and consciousness.

References ~


Edgar Cayce called Arcturus the most advanced civilization in the Universe, the civilization that is most God-like.

Arcturus is the home of higher dimensional entities, who are dedicated to service and healing. They specialize in emotional and spiritual healing, and have mastered techniques, far beyond what we can imagine. This emotional and spiritual healing is the reason why a lot of psycho-spiritual healers have a special connection with Arcturus.


The Arcturians – Architects of a New Dawn

by Clifford Stone

Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy. – Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce has said in his teachings that Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. It is the fifth-dimensional civilization that is a prototype of Earth’s future. Its energy works as an emotional, mental, and spiritual healer for humanity. It is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and rebirth.

It functions as a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch describes it as the mid-way programming center used by the physical brotherhoods in this universe to govern the many rounds of experiments with “physicals” at this end of the galaxy.

Arcturus itself is the brightest star in the Bootes constellation, which is approximately thirty-six light years from Earth.


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Tuesday, August 6th 2013

4:20 PM

EarthStar Original Universal Living Creation Civilization Codes are now activating~

These Creation Codes are now spontaneously activating and are the beginning of the EarthStar Original Living Creation Civilization.
The EarthStar Original Universal SpaceLife Creation Civilization Codes are also spontaneously activating now ~




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Monday, June 3rd 2013

12:04 PM

Living EarthStarN​ation Creation Powers

The primary landscape feature of the landbase of the Mother Center, which is located at the south foot of Mt. Ashland facing Mt. Shasta, is Chalice Hill.  The Hill is the base of the Chalice of Light throught which the Ascended Spiritual Life flows into the Mother Center land base and the Planetary Grid.
It is now possible to receive some of this Creative Life Power within one's Lightbody.
When you have some uninterupted time, ask for it to come into the chalice of your heart center.  After a few minutes, the chalice will fill with this Light.  Then the chalice will disappear and the Light remain.  Over time, the Light will expand into other parts of you Lightbody to bring it into oneness with the EarthStar/Mother Universe and Her Ascending Creation Civilization.
Please let me know your experiences.
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Saturday, June 9th 2012

3:30 PM



The time of personal and planetary ascension is underway now,  and the ancient crystal skulls are now involved with this process.

We recommend that you investigate them, and ask for their assistance in your ascension process.


The Ancient Crystal Skull Origins

Some of the Ancient Crystal Skulls were created in Atlantis by Ascended Masters and Elemental Overlords.

Others were created in advanced star systems such as Arcturus.

And the Einstein Crystal Skull of Consciousness was created in an ascended interdimensional universe.  http://einsteinthecrystalskull.com/


Functions of the Ancient Crystal Skulls

The Ancient Crystal Skulls are communicators from the perfect realms of Cosmic and Universal Life.

They are here to assist this planet and its inhabitants to achieve a higher level of perfection.


Spiritual Healing is the primary function of the Ancient Crystal skulls.


Communication with advanced consciousnesses is another function of the Ancient Crystal Skulls.


Planetary Evolution

This planet is destined for ascension as a planet-star of great beauty and perfection for the creation of a multidimensional universe and civilization which includes the physical realm as well as the superphysical realms of ascending life and consciousness.



This planet is now evolving a field of Universal Ascended SpaceLife Forces which allows for the ongoing interaction with other ascended space life.

Mount Shasta and the Andes are foremost in this development.


The Ancient Crystal Skulls and the Ascension Process

By tuning in to the Ancient Crystal Skulls ones ascension is greatly accelerated and ones physical and superphysical life becomes much more integrated and universal.


Creating with the Ancient Crystal Skulls

The Ancient Crystal Skulls are channels for the creative forces of ascended life.

These may be accessed by those who are sufficiently ascended to begin their own creative contributions to the evolution of universal life and civilization.


Creating Universal Civilization with Ancient Crystal Skulls

As this planet continues to ascend it will become the nucleus of ascending universal civilization.

Many ascended civilization locations are about to become created by the ascending masters of creation who are living on this planet.

The Ancient Crystal Skulls are providing their creation powers to those who are prepared to create with them.


The Many Creation Centers of Universal Civilization

The many creation centers of the new ascended universal civilization are about to begin functioning with many universal acended life participants.

These creation centers are already existing in the superphysical life of this planet, and will be entering into the physical life soon.


This Planet-Star is about to receive many higher-dimensional spacelife forces and presences into its Ascended Spacelife Field.

This will greatly accelerate the creation of universal civilization.


The Inter-Universal Life of this planet-star is now becoming much more complete, and will empower the ascension and creation of universal civilization.



Adi Avatar

Universal Space Life Creator Avatar of The Original Living Creation  Mother Universal Civilization


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Saturday, January 23rd 2010

3:43 PM

MAX in Shasta

Max the Crystal skull was in Mount Shasta yesterday.
In the afternoon 13 people did a ceremony with Max at Sand Flat.
In the evening there was a program at Flying Lotus with over 100 people where JoAnn Parks spoke and everyone had an opportunity to sit before MAX for a few minutes.


                            Max - The Ancient Crystal Skull

We have told you that the ancient skull called Max was taken into the Moody Pyramids years ago, upon the request of the enlightened   builder of the Moody complex. That was indeed no accident, and was tanatmount to the 'energetic coding' of the pyramids. The energy code of the Sirian-Atlantean Pyramid complex located near Galveston millenia ago is yet robustly stored in the vast 'library' contained within 'Max'. We directed that he be taken into the Moody complex  in order for the   complete & complex frequential pattern of the submerged Atlantean complex to be transferred and formatted into the Moody Pyramids.


 For we tell you that Max was one of the original 13 skulls in the Atlantean complex, so it is no random occurance that the caretaker of this ancient Crystal Skull, Jo Ann Parks, resides near by in Houston. 

From: Earth-Keeper <tyberonn@hotmail.com>
Subject: The Metatronic Keys Webinar + Metatron Channel
To: adigaia@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, January 14, 2010, 1:43 PM





And so we speak again on the enigma of the Pyramids.
Question to AAMetatron: In reference to the receiving points of the coded crytsalline light of the Cosmic Trigger, can you expand on the alignments of Giza and the Moody Gardens Pyramids?

AAMetatron:  Yes, of course; indeed they are aligned and with great purpose !They are both located very near 30 degrees latitude, and both tri pyramidal complexes. The two form an energy pattern of the Vesica Pisces on the Earth, with each complex forming the center of the two circles.
Both complexes are aligned to star systems. Giza to Orion. Moody to Sirius.

The Atlantean Complex that is the  etherically transformed Moody Complex is dedicated to the honoring of the Sirius binary systems of A and B. It is in honor of the Dolphin, and indeed contains the energy and guardianship of the Dolphin.
While the Blue Pyramid in Galveston does not presently have dolphins physically inside its aquarium, Master Dolphins occupy its energy. Pods of dolphin swim in the bay surrounding the island. In parallel they can indeed be seen and heard.

                           30 Degree Latitude 

The fact that both the Giza & Galveston tri pyramid complexesare precisely positioned between the 29 and 30 degree latitudes is quite significant, in terms of gravitational-electromagnetic placement. As such their geographic bearings between the northern pole and equator enable their solar angles at the equinoxes and solstices to be particularly robust in relation to sacred phi alignment.
So these two tri complexes are predisposed to receive the Cosmic Trigger and disperse these coded light energies
to satellite complexes for activating the magnetic releases of the Return of the Dove. Indeed it is specifically because these complexes are triangulated triple-pyramid complexes that enable them to so powerfully serve as the receivers and transmitters of the Cosmic Trigger.
The Atlantean masters always triangulated pyramids for specific receival and transmitting purposes. Their placement is quite deliberate, and corresponds to true north and magnetic north at favorable harmonics.
There is indeed a very a unique and unparagoned energy pulse that occurs between Giza and the Pyramids of Galveston. The pulse that existed has been revitalized and energetically reformed. We have told you that the Galveston placement is within 5 miles of an Atlantean Pyramid complex that is now submerged in the silt and sand of Gulf waters. The Moody Complex has taken on the reformed paradigm of these ancient pyramids.  The pulse previously occurred between these two, you see.

The deliberate placement is amplified at these specific vectors; the 30-degree latitude is a conduit of very significant energies and connects thru all northern hemisphere continents. Pyramids placed along these areas, and latitudes betwixt 30 degrees and 15 degrees north are more capable of receiving concentrated telluric and solar energies. It can and does accumulate very potently inside pyramidal complexes along these parallels. This is well understood for Giza. You will soon discover first hand in the Moody Pyramid complex that this robust expansive energy can be experienced deeply at these alignments. An extraordinary experience will occur for many within the Blue Pyramid and indeed at Giza. It is no random occurrence that numerous sacred sites and powernodes occur quite abundantly along certain latitudinal and longitudinal gradients. Thirty-degree parallel north is one of these.
Besides being energy accumulators pyramids are natural dimensional gateways that cohere and connect what you term the etheric dimensions. Giza and Galveston in a sense then are the anode - cathode balance of the Vesica Pisces grid formed between them.
There is also a sound octave connection, or commonality between the Galveston and Giza complexes. Certain sounds need to be toned in both to activate the dimensional gateways, and prepare for the Crystalline Induction of the Cosmic Trigger.


Question to AAMetatron: Can you explain the sound connection and process?
AAMetatron: Both complexes are sound activated. Part of what we are requesting the Earth-Keeper Guild to do in the Blue Pyramid at Galveston is to reverberate specific vowel sounds on the equinox. Because of the accumulator abilities of pyramids, there are specific inner and outer dimensional doorways within them that can be sound activated for anchoring in the Feminine-Platinum Ray. This will be facilitated from parallel by the Sirian A entourage and the Cetean Master Dolphins, and is to be lead by the Hathor Master, Anaya-Ra. 


                            Max - The Ancient Crystal Skull

We have told you that the ancient skull called Max was taken into the Moody Pyramids years ago, upon the request of the enlightened   builder of the Moody complex. That was indeed no accident, and was tanatmount to the 'energetic coding' of the pyramids. The energy code of the Sirian-Atlantean Pyramid complex located near Galveston millenia ago is yet robustly stored in the vast 'library' contained within 'Max'. We directed that he be taken into the Moody complex  in order for the   complete & complex frequential pattern of the submerged Atlantean complex to be transferred and formatted into the Moody Pyramids.


 For we tell you that Max was one of the original 13 skulls in the Atlantean complex, so it is no random occurance that the caretaker of this ancient Crystal Skull, Jo Ann Parks, resides near by in Houston. 

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Saturday, September 26th 2009

3:02 PM

Fieldtrips to the Stars

The subtitle of The Mayan Factor is 'The Path Beyond Technology'.

Solara has said in her 11:11 works that in the future our Lightbodies will become so developed that in relation to our Lightbody, our physical body will be as our little fingernail now is to our physical body.

As this planet EarthStar continues to ascend, we will have less and less need for any external technologies, and we will have increasing abilities of our consciousness as we become ascended masters of creation.

There are many stargates located around this planet which were created by past peoples here; and there are new ones now being created.

I have been creating an inner technology for 'traveling' in ones Lightbody throughout this solar system and beyond to the stars and galaxies using the Original Ascended Space Life Forces of this EarthStarShip.

This may be done individually or in groups.

One begins by attuning to the Original Space Life Body of this planet. 

Then one attunes to the Original Space Life Forces of the Moon.

Then one may attune with any of the planets, or to the Sun.

Then one may attune with a star or galaxy.

Once the attunement is made, one may navigate to experience specific features.

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Tuesday, July 18th 2006

1:51 PM

Universal Ascension Platform

This is a very important development which should be know by Lightworkers ~

Scroll down to the Universal Ascension Platform ~


The Light Circle Ezine 07-03-06

Posted by: "Isis" ladyisis@verizon.net   ladyisis_lordmichael

Mon Jul 3, 2006 11:23 am (PST)

The Light Circle Ezine
A World-Wide Publication
This newsletter has been published since 2-22-02
Formerly known as Circle Of Light Ezine

I ONLY SEND music & graphics NO OTHER

You will never receive this newsletter unsolicited. It is by subscription only. If you have received this and have not subscribed, then someone has either forwarded it to you or has subscribed you. This newsletter is published 365 days a year. Feel free to pass it on, if you do not pass on the entire newsletter please give credit where credit is due. Please include all url's within all articles and at end of this newsletter. Thank you.

I ask not that you believe the messages sent forth, only that you read them with an open mind. For I am not concerned with what you believe -- only with what you see. I wish to also remind you that channeled messages received from ANYONE can become distorted as they pass through the various dimensions to be received by the receiver. ALWAYS go within for clarification. You and you alone are your best teacher and you need no other; follow your own inner guidance.

If something you read here, or on my web sites, does not ring true to you then by all means disregard it and go on to what does. For one persons truth is not always anothers. What is given today can very well change tomorrow -- in fact in the next instant -- as ALL THINGS are in constant change. Every four-quadrillionth of a second the entire universe appears and disappears -- changing. Please use your discrimination in reading this and all material intended for spiritual growth, as truth is a personal thing, and each journey towards truth, unique. Please keep in mind when reading this newsletter that each writer is writing from his or her own point of view, experiences, and level of understanding. If your Guidance tells you that an article is not of value to you, just ignore it. It may be an eye-opener for someone else!

"Messages sometimes arrive on our doorstep when least expected. We can ignore them, dispute them or listen to them. Life is a series of choices. Our job is to make the right choices at the right times."

Join this Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheLightCircleEzine/
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1.. Today's Angel Message
2.. Universal Ascension Platform
3.. Unlocking Energy Patterns
Part #2 explaining Mother Mary's message on Water
4.. An Embrace from the Universe


Please do not pass on this entire newsletter to other groups. I am finding articles from this publication in other groups with no contact information on the articles and no mention of this newsletter. Please abide by (c)2006Lady Isis. All rights reserved. This material may be freely shared and reproduced as long as it is for personal use, no fee is charged for viewing/reading it, and this copyright and contact information is included. Any other use requires permission from the publisher. TheLightCircleEzine-owner@yahoogroups.com * Please create harmony by giving others credit for their work.


Universal Ascension Platform

On June 17, 2006, # 42 vortex activation was brought forth by The Metatron, Michael, Isis, Mary and Kwan Yin. This facilitated the shifting of the parallel energies through the Triune Heart Energies bringing the Light of Atlantis and it's Twin Suns from the parallel Universe of time and no time anchoring the energies of the Star of Atlantis here on Earth.This brings together the energies of the dualities of the parallel Universe into synchronicity, into the frequencies of time and no time shifting the energies to form a Bridgeway of Light. The 2 Suns of Atlantis merged within the heart of The Star of Atlantis radiates it's energies to Earth through the Bridgeway of Light which is anchored within Bermuda, Giza, and Bali. The synchronicity of the shifting parallel Universe through the Triune Hearts anchored within the ascending human heart forms a flowering of the energies of the Star of Atlantis through it's Twin Suns bringing the dualities into singularity and anchoring it here on Earth through the heart, throat and crown chakras. The energies form a Chrysanthemum of Light through the energies and Light of the Buddha through time and no time creating the Universal Ascension Platform of the ALKAHARAHATU. This brings about the shifting of the parallel Universe through the Bridgeway of the Universal Ascension Platform into singularity and universality through the Triune Hearts. OOOOOOOOOOOOO HA TA HEEEEEEEEEEEEE

The second part of the vortex activation was brought forth by Michael through the energies of the heart of Kilimanjaro here in the East forming the ancient time and no time and bringing the Light and energies of the Earth into a new form of strata of the singular Universe here to form the Universal Ascension Platform of the ALKAHATAHARA.The energies of the heart of Kilimanjaro parallels that of the West through Chitzen-Itza. The energies of Kilimanjaro and Chitzen-Itza merges the energies of the East and the West with the energies and the Light of the Maya through the third way, through the heart and Light of Lemuria shifting the energies of the Triune Hearts forming a new dimension of Light into singularity and universality. This new form of dimension of Light is being anchored through the DNA, through the spinal column forming a new marrow of Light through the Light of Gaia and of Serapis, a new source of creation of Light that forms a pool of waters through the heart of Lemuria. The new dimension of Light forms through the crystal lakes of Lemuria vibrating through the heart and energies of the ascending being.These energies are anchored through Lemuria, Kilimanjaro and Chitzen-Itza for the ascending being to take the form of the crystal lakes.The energies of Andromeda, Sirius, Arcturus, the Pleiades, of Alpha Centauri, and of the many Galaxies of Light are drawing close to the ascending being's heart through the universal energies of the New Earth Star of the Universe through the waters of the Pacific.The Triune Hearts of the ascending being brings the Light of Creation from within and expands it through the Energy Source of The Light and Breath of The Metatron forming the Light of the New Creation through the Galactic Source of Light surrounding the Earth to form the New Earth Star of the Universe within the waters of the Pacific to bring a new beginning of form.


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Friday, April 28th 2006

1:46 PM


1st e-newsletter

Fellow Universal Citizens,

Welcome to the 1st e-newsletter of  the Universal
Cities. We will be e-publishing this newsletter whenever there is
news of the Universal Cities.

History of the Universal Cities:

 In the late 1970's a woman who had been a member of the Findhorn
Community in Scotland was guided to "find the rock shaped like a
pyramid" near Mount Shasta. Having easily recognized Pilot Rock, she
was then guided to found a nonprofit Light Center and acquire 360
acres in the Colestin Valley. This was named Alcyone Light
Center. It is the Mother Center Universal City of Creation
dedicated to evolving the new Universal Life System of Creation.
 Subsequently, over 1100 extra-terrestrial forces were anchored into
the Earth grid on the property. Now The Mother Center is creating
the nucleus of The Universal Life Matrix and evolving to create Her
external, physical Universal Life City. All Lightworkers
are invited to participate.


 The MOTHER UNIVERSE is now the primary sacred power of Earth's
community life, and is accelerating the evolution of Her
interdimensional/multidimensional planetary system of creation.  This is the time for all light workers to unite as one body of planetary servers creating the Mother Universal Life Form Organism of the new Universal Creation Civilization.  This united organism is the microcosm nucleus of creation for the ongoing new civilization and the planetary Starseed of Earth's Universal Life Family.

Others who are entering the Earth's planetary life now are helpers who are extending their advanced lifeforces to prepare the Earth for interstellar life and Universal Life Creation.  These are very advanced forces of creation who are about to unleash Their holistic life forces to purify all that exists within the Earth's planetary field, and establish the new creation civilization on Earth.  The new civilization will appear overnight along with several extraterrestrial harbingers of Earth's interstellar community of life.


Our planet has the destiny of becoming the nucleus of an entirely new
multidimensional Universe of pure living creation.  This destiny is already fixed in the causal dimensions of Being, and is now becoming reality throughout the planet's entire multidimensional structure.  As She evolves, the planet is developing an entirely new consciousness, energy and multidimensional life.  This life is about to spread to other planets, stars and galaxies--to give them the new Universal Life.
 As this process of evolution continues, it is creating the new
planetary/extra-planetary system of multidimensional civilizations
throughout the planet and beyond.  The nuclei of the new civilizations are Universal Cities created by the creators and creatrixes who have come to this planet now to begin creating the new Universe.

Universal Cities
 The system of Universal Cities is now beginning to be created by the
creators/creatrixes who have come to this planet to create them.
 The first two Universal Cities are located near Mount Shasta and on Maui.

Mount Shasta - The Mother Center

The Universal City near Mount Shasta is The Mother Center of the system of Universal Cities.  She is already functioning and is ready for the creation of Her physical community.

Heart of Creation Center--Universal City on Maui

The Universal City on Maui is the Heart of Creation Center containing the Life Essence Source within the Matrix of Universal Creation.  This Universal City is preparing to become a physical community.


 The Mother Center is the nucleus of the Universal Life Centers of Creation in the Planetary-Galactic-Universal System.  She is the Infinite Source of Creation and Evolution for each Center of Creation throughout Earth's network of Planetary-Galactic-Universal Creation Centers.

 She wishes to convey this message--

 "I AM empowering this Center and the other Centers of My Creation to
exhibit the wondrous Life I have for the evolution of each and every being.
 You are gifted with My Creation Power to advance the Creation and
Evolution of your life and the Life of Universe.
 "I AM also inviting you to become part of My Life in the Creation of this and other Universal Centers of Creation.  You may join with Me in the Creation of Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial Centers of Creation.  These are the nuclei of many Universal Life Systems which are evolving as I become the Mother Universe."


The Universal Cities are Centers of Creation embodying all dimensions of Planetary-Galactic-Universal Life.  Each Universal City is creating a universal life community of unique forces of evolution within the greater community of Universal Life.  This process of evolution is the living dynamic within each Universal City's development.

All those who are involved with the development of Universal Cities are part of the Universal Life of their City(s).  As they participate in the creation of their City, they are increasingly becoming full Universal Citizens.

All Universal Citizens are members of the Universal Body of their Universal City.  They are Creators/Creatrixes of Universal Life Expressions and Evolutionary Forces of Creation. They are also embodiers of the Universal Life of their City.


 The Universal Life now evolving in the Earth is rapidly expanding
throughout all planetary and extra-planetary life systems.
 It is important for everyone who is a contributor to the Earth's future life to expand their own life with the Universal Life and to become a Universal Being.  Each Universal Being is a participant in the creation of Universal Life and its evolution.


The Mother Universe is evolving to include all other universes.  She has Her Own Life and is opening the Matrix of Her Creation to become a source of Infinite, Pure, Universal Life.


 The Mother Center is located in the Colestin Valley near Mount
Shasta.  She has as Her land base a prominent extra-terrestrial,
intergalactic space portal which is a center of
interstellar/intergalactic exchange.  This unique portal accommodates
the advanced space-faring representatives of extra-terrestrial
civilizations now interacting with this planet and its inhabitants.
Some of these are already participating in development of the
Universal Cities and the Universal Civilization.

 With Her Center of Extra-terrestrial Life becoming active, the
Mother Center is also beginning Her Universal City Center of
Universal Space Life.  This Center creates a Universal Being Who is a
Space Creator, and a Matrix of Multidimensional Space Life.  To
become a participant in this Universal Space Life Center, it is
required to become a resident of the Mother Center.

 Another Universal Creation Center in the Mother Center is the
Universal Avatar Race Creation Center of the Mother Center Universal
City Life.  This Center is already creating the Matrix of Universal
Avatar Life of the Universal Civilization.

 The Universal Avatar Race is the Universal Civilization creation
Being of Supreme Creation Power. It is already creating the Universal
Life Creation Centers of the Universal Cities, and the Universal
Origins of each Universal Being.


Life of those participating in the Universal Community is always
enjoying greater and greater evolution, perfection and empowerment.
It is the Universal community Life purpose to evolve the entire
universe to its maximum potential, and to create the infinitely
joyous super-physical creation.

As the Universal Matrix of the new Universal Civilization expands throughout the planet and beyond, She is welcoming the participation of all Universal Citizens to prepare for the coming influx of extra-planetary Universal Life which will begin the process of evolving the Universal Civilization throught the Universe.

 The Mother Center of the Universal Cities of the Mother Universe functioned as a small community in the Colestin Valley for about ten years.

Then it disbanded as an outer 3-D community, but the Mother Center forces continued to build and expand throughout the area.
Then around 1995 they also moved into Mount Ashland which had been an Atlantean Healing and Ascension Temple.  Then about 2000 they began extending throughout the City of Ashland area.  And since the anchoring of the Paradise Matrix here, the City of Ashland is now ascending to become the Universal Creator Avatar Race Universal City of the Paradise Mother Universe. 
There are about fifteen Universal Creator Avatars now living in this area.


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