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In my second semester of high school I began having enlightenment experiences ~

About 20 yrs ago, I had a major Cosmic Initiation which involved expanding my awareness of several Sacred Star Systems, and that I am an Arcturian / Galactic / Universal Space Life Creator Avatar ~

Since that time, I have been increasing my awareness of the stellar/galactic/universal origins of individual Lightworkers, and their respective unique abilities, etc....

As you may know, Arcturus is the the Star of Pure Consciousness, created by the Brotherhoods of Light with some of the Star Elders and other Light Beings ~

and I was already begining to channel, which I discovered that I could do from every dimension, e.g. Nature Spirits, Angels and Archangels, Space Brothers, etc, etc....

More recently, I've been working with various StarGates in the development of this *Earth*Star*Ship* Nucleus of the all new Original Living Creation Mother Universe which we are all here Starseeding ~

I've also been doing Life Path readings for some Lightworkers since the 1970s ~ these include the person's Star Origins, etc, and their Mission and abilities in this lifetime, etc....

I've been practicing and studying about several Yoga Meditations and other consciousness raising techniques for nearly 40 years ~

In the past few years, I've been working on Planetary and Personal Ascension ~

I've been looking for others who have a sincere interest in development of their own consciousness, and that of this entire planet ~

It's been my experience that the first real step in consciousness for Lightworkers is to become aware of their own Star Origins, etc...

I've been facilitating the development of this awareness for individual Lightworkers who are ready for about 15 yrs ~
Name: *Earth*Star* Member <adigaia@yahoo.com>

Location: United States